Land Donation Scheme for Healthcare Centre

Get a Health Centre in your name

You always wanted to pay homage to your parents/grandparents or wanted to see your name live forever. Now, you have an option to get a government health centre in your name or the name proposed by you. All you have to do is to donate a small piece of land or land with constructed building for above mentioned purposes. A small piece of land can make your or your parents name live forever. At the same time, your little philanthropic gesture can change many lives in your locality. In this way you have an opportunity to contribute in the development process of your motherland.

A Health Sub centre covers a population of 5000 in plain areas and 3000 in Hilly and difficult terrains. All Primary Health Care Services are being provided at the door steps of the community. A health Sub centre provides Immunization, Antenatal facilities, family planning advices, checking of Birth and Death registration, deliveries and counseling services. A Primary Health Centre (PHC) serves a rural population of 30,000 in plain area and 20,000 in hilly terrain. The services provided at a PHC are OPD, first aid, 24 Hr. emergency services, referral services, minimum laboratory investigations (Blood Sugar, hemoglobin, albumin etc.), in patient service of 6 beds, intra-natal, postnatal care, Complete immunization etc. We call upon all our Bihari brethrens, through Bihar Foundation to contribute to this noble cause. In case you are willing to donate the required land or land with building, you can inform us so that we can facilitate the process of donation. The land should be located in the Tola/Mohalla for which the primary school has been sanctioned.

Minimum requirement of land for various types of Health Centres are as follows – The ideal requirement of land for a Health Sub Centre is 3000 Sq ft, for a Additional Primary Health Centre (APHC) is 15,000 sq ft., for a Primary Health Centre (PHC) is 1 acre and for a referral Hospital/Block Hospital is 2 Acres.

Dept. of Health shall maintain and run the said health centres.


  • One has to do registry of the land or building in the name of the 'Governor' of Bihar.
  • District Health Society (DHS) of the concerned district shall be the ultimate authority in deciding the suitability of the land/building.
  • In special case, DHS can recommend about suitability of land to the Dept. of Health even if the land is lesser than the fixed minimum requirement. In such cases, decision of the Dept. of Health shall be final.