Panelist for the Event – Investment Opportunities

Dr. Omer Hejazeen ( Chairman, Bihar Foundation, UAE Chapter )
Dr. Omer Hejazeen is a focused, goal oriented individual who emphasizes a lot on time management. A believer in smart work with zeal to excel in all endeavors. He is a dynamic, intelligent and patient academician, who is always open to learning new things and improving them in his own innovative manner.
Mr. Omer is the Vice Chairman of UAE-Bulgarian business council, Dubai. He is also a member of the CEO club of Bulgaria and Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC), Dubai, latter being the only organization of Indian Diaspora in Dubai.

Mr. Obaidur Rahman (Chairman, Bihar Foundation, Saudi Arabia Chapter)
Mr. Rahman is the chairman of Saudi Arabia chapter of Bihar Foundation. He is a great team player. He loves to Challenge the Challenges. He is also the Founder and Chairman BISWAS – Bihar International Society for Welfare Solidarity.
Mr. Rahman has done a lot in the best of his capacity for Bihar and he has been awarded the Best NRBs of Saudi Arabia by Daudi Educational Trust, Khagaria presented by K. Rahman Khan the then Minority Affair Minister. He has also been awarded with Best Social worker Award by “Anjuman-e-Millat” Patna”.

Mr. Ravi Verma (Chairman, Bihar Foundation, West Coast Chapter)
Mr. Ravi Verma is a gem of a person and is focused on the work. His hard-working capabilities make him a commendable person for sure. He is very professional and detail oriented in his approach. He has the ability to manage multiple tasks with excellence. His integrity is beyond reproach and he is always friendly and professional. He has a strong technical skill set and experience with numerous IT systems and applications. Mr. Ravi Verma founded a software development firm in Katihar in 2005 and since then that firm has provided services to several public and private organizations in the US. He is both a team player and a dynamic leader, a professional who wins the respect of others through her integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in his team.

Panelist for the Event – Investment Opportunities

Mr. Moon Khan (President, Bihar Cultural Association, USA)
The frontline of a profile published in the Chicago Tribune began with this sentence – Moon “is a man with a mission.” Moon Khan is a walking anthology of hard work, academic excellence, a prolific writer, motivational speaker, and contributing columnist of several newspapers. Moon is founding president of Bihar Cultural Association of North America and Minority Leadership Alliance. He is also a member of Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) and Asian American Caucus of DuPage. Moon has served on the board of directors of about two dozen social service and charitable organizations.
Moon received about three dozen awards, including – FIA’s Community Service Award, ABN’s Political Activism Leadership Award and Asian American community’s Asian Hall of Fame Award.

Dr. Barnali Verma, MD (Executive member, Bihar Foundation, West Coast Chapter)
Qualified, competent and experienced Transfusion Medicine Specialist. Her key strength lies in her ability to remain calm and maintain high levels of customer/relationship service despite the work pressure. Her positive attitude and motivation can keep anyone going in the team and otherwise. Dr. Barnali Verma is simply a go getter. No matter what, she can do it and if can’t do it surely can get it done. Clear and straight in her thoughts which is always saving time as directly hitting the issue. She is a much focused professional with very high energy level. Always there to extend helping hands and excellent at building relationships. While she gives his 100% to work at the same time tries to keep her commitments towards her focus on increasing tourism in and family. Dr. Barnali is a motivated young lady of numerous talents and considerable self-discipline

Mr. Shakil Ahmed Kakvi (Chairman, Bihar Foundation, Qatar Chapter)
Mr. Shakil Ahmed Kakvi is positive, progressive, creative and brimming with ideas. A very enthusiastic, energetic and creative. He brings a lot of energy to his work; he is hard-working and has good inter-personal skills. He possesses a resonating personality, leaving a lasting impression on everyone he interacts with. Mr. Kakvi combines keen intellect, curiosity and analytical ability to grasp every situation and challenge, and quickly determines an appropriate path of action.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Mishra (Journalist and Academician)
The journalistic career of Mr. Vijay spans for more than 35 years. He is a renowned Media Consultant and Academician. He started his career as the Sub Editor and Correspondent of “Ravivar”, A Hindi Weekly of Anand Bazar Patrika. He later joined “The Telegraph” as Bihar Correspondent, followed by a stint as a News Coordinator at the “Dinman” – A Hindi News Weekly of the Times of India Group.
He served as the Editor, India view, A fortnightly video news magazine brought out by Independent Television Network, ITV. Mr. Vijay is currently the Group Editor and Director, “Yatra Prabha” and “Vasundhara Varta” – A neighborhood monthly for East Delhi published by Sankalp Media Publications.
He is also the Chairman of Netarhat Old Boys Association (NOBA), Delhi and is an avid admirer of the Bihari Culture and Tradition