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How can I be a member of the foundation? Is there any charge?

Membership is free and there are three ways of becoming member of the foundation –

1. ONLINE – One can join us through our website. Click here to join us.

2. PHYSICAL FORM SUBMISSION – By filling up the registration form in hard copy which is available for download here. You can submit the hard copy to our representatives or you can mail the duly filled registration form to the ID

3. TELEPHONIC – You will have to dial the toll free number and inform the helpline executive your details. The executive will complete the registration process. You will be informed on your mobile or mail ID about confirmation of your registration. (This service is soon to be started).

I want to donate land to setup a dispensary in my village. Is there way the Bihar government can help me to achieve this?

The State Government runs a scheme for construction of school / hospital in the name of your ancestors. Gift a small piece of land in your village and help setup a government run school or hospital. The institution thus setup, will be named after a person of the donor’s choice.

I’m an NRI interested to invest in Bihar. Is Bihar Foundation an appropriate agency to get my voice heard and help me get things done?

The Government of Bihar decided to establish Bihar Foundation by a resolution of Department of Industry on 24th Nov 2006. Later on it was registered as a society under Department of Industry on 27th July 2007. Apart from our main objective to connect to NRBs/NRIs, we also act as a coordinating agency to translate business ideas into reality.

I stay outside Bihar but want to stay in touch with fellow Biharis.

Bihar Chaupal is an initiative of Bihar Foundation to offer Biharis an opportunity to meet and socialize in a popular and trusted environment. You will find news,events, pictures and forums of information pertaining to the Bihari community here. You will also be provided the opportunity to interact and socialize with other Biharis from around the world. To join visit We’re also available on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

I want to take up a social cause and contribute to social sectors such as education, healthcare, etc.

You could use innovations, incentives and investments, in ways which are practicable, so that the land and its people are benefited.

Strengthen the Social Sector: Establish old-age homes & community centres; provide hand-pumps and toilet facilities in schools and villages; establish orphanages.

Improve the Education System: Help construction of class rooms and new school buildings; provide computers; furniture and sports goods to schools; creating or strengthen library; establish schools for physically challenged children.

Revitalize the Healthcare System: Provide mobile medical units, equipments, ambulance and necessary medicine to hospitals; set up X-ray units and pathology labs in PHC/subcentres

Fore more information visit “Programs & Schemes

What is Bihar Foundation

Bihar Foundation is a Govt. of Bihar initiative to connect with the Non Resident Biharis (NRB), Non Resident Indians (NRI) especially of Bihar origin (NRIB), People of Indian Origin (PIO) especially of Bihar origin (PIBO). Bihar Foundation is a registered society of the Govt. of Bihar working under the Dept. of Industry, Govt. of Bihar.

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Who can be a member of the Foundation?

Any one who loves Bihar or is interested in Bihar can be a member of the foundation. However we intend to encourage the Non Resident Biharis (NRB), Non Resident Indians (NRI) especially of Bihar origin (NRIB), People of Indian Origin (PIO) especially of Bihar origin (PIBO) to become member of the foundation, so that we can serve them in a better way.

Got any questions you want to ask us? Simply email us at or leave a message here and we'll answer within next two business days.

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