Business Opportunities for Overseas Indians

Overseas Indians are considered to be the most successful communities in the world. They have made significant contributions to the economy by adding in considerable measure of knowledge and innovation.

Leather Industries

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Bihar is the birthplace of two religions ?Buddhism & Jainism and of the 10thGuru of the Sikhs.

Textile, Handloom & Jute

Schemes for modernizing the handloom sector.

Sugarcane industry is the largest agro-based industry in Bihar.

Roads & Transportation

In three years since the new government assumed charge, the State has Road Infrastructure which will rival the best in the country.

Power / Energy

The state is on track for achieving 100% electrification of all rual areas by 2012 under the Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyut Yojna.

Infrastructure Focus: Improving Investment Climate

Strategy would be through Infrastructure Development as well as Investments in Social Services (Education, Health and Nutrition).

Why Bihar ?

Bihar is the next frontier for businesses in India both as an investment destination and untapped market potential.