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Guidelines for opening of New Chapter of Bihar Foundation

If you are interested in establishing a local chapter, we can help guide you through the founding process.

Bihar Foundation Chapters are the heart, soul and body of the Foundation. The work of Chapters across the globe is to make a significant impact in spreading enthusiasm for the Foundation activities, growing and nurturing localised support, and sharing ideas. Chapters are self sufficient in their composition with an elected executive body. Learn more…
Bihar Foundation Brochure
Bihar Divas Report: 2010 & 2011
Celebrated on 22nd March to commemorate the State’s separation from Bengal on the day in 1912, Bihar Divas is the one day of the year when over 103 million Biharis, regardless of their individual beliefs, can come together in shared experience; an experience that binds Biharis around the globe to this remarkable land and its people. View & Download Report
Initiatives by Chapters and NRBs
Bihar, in recent years, has witnessed good governance on all fronts and registered modest economic growth. The changes have persuaded many NRBs that perhaps the time has come to mull some sort of return or contribute in a more structured and meaningful way to the state’s reconstruction and development efforts. We are listing some of these praiseworthy initiatives. Read more…
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