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The Bihar Foundation Initiative to reconnect the Bihari diaspora with the land of our ancestors is a very novel way to say that our Bihar cares for the sons and daughters of the state. It is a very emotional bondage that connects the people to the soil. This can be felt only when you are going through the process. The Bihar Foundation initiatives is also a great march forword to integrate India socially and culturally.This is the first of its kind. When others have looked beyond the boundaries of the country, Bihar has chosen to look within and strengthen the ties of sensitivities , emotions and positives of our nation. Truly it is said “what Bihar thinks today , India thinks twenty five years after.” Bihar has given the idea of India in the past and shall redefine a true India in the days ahead – a composite ,inclusive, and strong India. I am very confident that the Bihar Foundation would contribute in no uncertain terms to the resurgence of a great soceity outside the geographical limits of Bihar .which would be a model worth emulating for other states in India. With Best Wishes, Amar Kumar Pandey, IPS Chairman, Bihar Foundation – Bangalore Chapter

Executive Committee

S. No.NameContact DetailsDesignation
1Sri Amar Kumar Pandey Contact NO:-
2Mr. Ashim RaizadaSpokesperson/Co-ordinator
3Mr. Swaraj Kumar Sinha Contact NO:-9844026247
4Mr. Sunil Dutt JhaTreasurer
5Mr. Amar K Jamadhiar Contact NO:-09740321172, 08025723322
Executive Member: Head, IT Strategy & Operations
6Mr. Ritesh KhandelwalExecutive Member: Head, Audit Commitee
7Mythili NirvanExecutive Member: Head, Media Committee
8Mr. Sarvesh K UpadhyayExecutive Member: Head, HRD Committee
9Mr. Amitesh BhartiExecutive Member: Social Welfare Committee
10Mrs. Archana Vinod MishraExecutive Member
11Smt Sonia Narang, IPSExecutive Member
12Mr. Chandrakant Singh Contact NO:-937929331
Executive Member


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Bihar Foundation, Bangalore Chapter 2 A Nanjappa Road off KH Raod, Shantipura, Bangalore 560 027, India. Tel: +91 80 4124 8838 – 40 Email:
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